The University of Malta Racing team has been primarily focused on the design, simulation and eventual building and creation of an internal combustion engine vehicle, that abides with the Formula Student regulations and technical requirements. This year however, we have deemed interest towards the creation of an electric vehicle, that would hence allow us to participate in the Formula Student Electric competitions. To accomplish such a task is by no means easy, and hence, a Research and Development team has been created, to sustain the need for understanding what really goes into the making of such an electric vehicle.

UoMR-e is currently focused on addressing the issue of what vehicle components, such as battery power-units and electric motors, accompanied by other necessary equipment, are required to design and hence develop an FSAE regulated electric vehicle. This mainly entails researching what other FSAE teams are currently using to develop their cars, understanding what the technical requirements are, but also, abiding to the more stringent set of regulations imposed upon by the hosting organisation.

Emrax 228

An axial flux motor / generator with two motors being stacked together as to attain double the power.

The methodology we have chosen to work with hence allows us to outsource various components using a strategic and efficient manner, with the end goal of being able to acquire these parts and to conduct initial testing within our facilities. These tests would serve to be of great help in understanding how to use our hardware, but to also maximise our throughput; something which we have been able to so far accomplish both as a team, but also, down to an individual level. Component testing would hence allow us to further come to grips with what it takes to create an electric vehicle, while also increasing our familiarity and knowledge of such vehicles, with proper documentation and testing procedures, to hence allow future students, to continue from the work we have been currently conducting.

The University of Malta Racing-e team is moving with a fast pace in understanding and developing early stage testing for our electric vehicle. With the knowledge that we have gained, both from our research, we are highly motivated and eager for the eventual implementation of our FSAE regulated electric vehicle.


Secvon Gen4 Size 6

PMAC Motor Controller