Following the return from Parma, enthusiasm for the upcoming season was rife, and the will to improve the next car was the general feeling. Most of the younger members of the team were already thinking of what they could contribute to make UOMR better, but for others, Formula SAE Italy 2015 marked the end of their journey, not because they wished to leave the team, but because it was their final year in their respective courses, and some of them were soon to leave to continue their studies abroad.

An AGM was held as per the statute of UOMR, and a new committee was elected. Discussions were held and it was decided that a change in the structure of the team was needed in order to cope with the growth the team had seen. The old structure of President responsible for Engineering and Vice-President responsible for Business was to be replaced. The new structure was to include an executive committee made up of four people, with a president in charge of leading the team, a secretary general, a treasurer, and an Engineering Team Leader. This would allow for a smoother running of the organisation.

The new members of the Executive Committee were as follows:

President: Kurt Dalli

Secretary General: Matthew Buhagiar (responsible for Business Team)

Treasurer: Matthew Sacco

Engineering Team Leader: Fabio Cauchi